Facebook selects AVG Technologies, Avira and Kaspersky Lab for additional security to users

Infotech Lead America: To improve security of its users, Facebook has selected several security solutions suppliers.

Facebook CSO, Joe Sullivan

Facebook has selected AVG Technologies, Avira and Kaspersky Lab for additional security to users across the globe.

AVG Technologies has tied up with Facebook to help protect from the latest security threats by providing data from AVG LinkScanner to help users avoid malicious web links posted by users on Facebook.

AVG AntiVirus FREE 2013 puts users in control of their Internet experience while offering protection for social networking and other online activities. AVG’s detection engine provides further protection by scanning links posted to Facebook in real-time. AVG users are unable to post such links that could infect their Facebook friends.

“With over one billion users, we are tireless in our commitment to keep both our users and their data safe. We are proud to announce our new partnership with AVG to better protect our users both on and off of Facebook. Starting today, Facebook will be able to leverage AVG’s feed of malicious URLs to prevent users from navigating to harmful sites. Additionally, people can download AVG’s anti-virus software from the AV Marketplace to help secure their devices,” said Facebook CSO, Joe Sullivan.

“This partnership with Facebook marks our continuing commitment to collaborating with major brands to help protect online communities from cybercrime,” said JR Smith, CEO, AVG Technologies.

Meanwhile, security expert Avira announced that Facebook has selected Avira to be included in its Facebook AV Marketplace. Avira Free Antivirus will now be offered to Facebook’s more than 1 billion active users.

In addition, Avira will contribute posts to the Facebook Security blog and provide security threat warnings and blacklist information to Facebook’s URL blacklist system.

“As a member of the AV Marketplace, Avira will help protect Facebook users and make the web a safe place to connect with family and friends,” said Noah Kindler, VP of technology operations, Americas at Avira.

Kaspersky Lab, a developer of security and threat management solutions, also announced a partnership with Facebook.

Kaspersky Lab will be supplying Facebook with up-to-the-minute data about the latest malicious software threats worldwide, which will be used to protect Facebook users from inadvertently visiting malicious web pages.

“Both companies are the best at what we do, so it makes sense to work together toward a safer Internet for all,” said Steve Orenberg, president, Kaspersky Lab North America.

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