F-Secure updated security solution offers new capabilities to IT managers

F-Secure has updated its Business Suite security solution to help IT Managers control and manage risks. Business Suite combines features such as web content control and automated patch-management.

Business Suite with its unique feature allows companies to have comprehensive protection against existing and emerging threats.

The company said updated Business Suite includes new version of Client Security and an updated Policy Manager which allows IT Managers to block content with Advanced Protection, prevent employee exposure to malicious websites and control access to insecure sites with Connection Control.

IT Managers can identify and kill modern cyber threats.

Business Suite gives tools to IT Managers to control the security issues that arise when working within modern IT supply chains.

According to F-Secure, Business Suite is an on-premises security solution which is designed to protect businesses with 100 or more seats.

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Business Suite is available all over the world. It is also available for a free 30-day trial from F-Secure’s website.

“IT Managers can use features like Connection Control to isolate sensitive parts of their network from potential risks, which is vital in complex networked environments,” said Pekka Usva, F-Secure’s vice president of corporate security.

Few days ago, F-Secure acquired nSense, a privately held provider of security consultations and vulnerability assessment services to large enterprises.

Last month, F-Secure introduced new Privacy Checker which exposes the digital footprints that online trackers are using to invade people’s privacy.

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