Eagers Automotive Reports Unauthorized Access to IT Systems in Cyber Incident

Eagers Automotive, a prominent automotive retailer in Australia, has disclosed that an investigation into a cyber incident uncovered unauthorized access to segments of the company’s information technology (IT) systems by an external party. This breach enabled access to data stored on the company’s servers.
TeamViewer user on a laptopEagers Automotive did not reveal the name of its cyber security partner, responsible for securing its network.

“In light of our ongoing investigations, the company is in the process of notifying a limited number of individuals who may be at significant risk of potential data misuse,” the automotive retailer stated in an official news statement.

Eagers Automotive refrained from specifying the precise count of individuals directly affected by the cyber incident and the extent of their compromised data.

Eagers Automotive has reported varying operational impacts across its regions and business units due to a recent cyber outage. While most dealerships continue to operate, the disruption has affected the finalization of transactions for specific new vehicles earmarked for delivery, along with certain aspects of the company’s service and parts operations.

The financial fallout stemming from this cyber incident is projected to predominantly involve deferred recognition of transactions in the final five days of December 2023. Despite the impact on the company’s Profit Before Tax for the 2023 financial year, primarily due to deferred sales, Eagers Automotive asserts that this impact is not anticipated to be significant. The company maintains confidence in achieving a record Operating Profit Before Tax for the 2023 fiscal year.

The transactions postponed by the cyber outage are anticipated to be accounted for in the 2024 financial year once they are appropriately processed within the company’s systems. Eagers Automotive reassures stakeholders of its commitment to addressing these disruptions and expects to rebound swiftly from the incident.

Australia has witnessed a surge in cybersecurity breaches within corporate domains since the previous year, prompting governmental initiatives to reform cybersecurity regulations. In February of the current year, the country established an agency tasked with supervising government investments and orchestrating responses to cyber attacks, Reuters news report said.

Just last week, Eagers flagged a cyber incident that impacted sections of its IT infrastructure, resulting in disruptions to finalizing transactions for specific new vehicles that were already sold and awaiting delivery.

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