Dr.WEB IT security software launched in India

Infotech Lead Asia: Netflix Technologies, distributor of Dr.WEB, has launched the IT-security solutions of Dr.WEB, Russian developer of information security software.

Dr.WEB’s product range will target to address the security challenges at home and corporate networks, file servers, e-mail traffic, mobile devices and internet gateways.

Single license of Dr.WEB works across Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. It provides full protection to smart phones and tablets running on Windows, Symbian and Androids platforms. Dr.WEB’s license policy gives 2 PC – 2 years licenses, which can also be used on single PC for 4 years.

Rushab Shah, president at TAIT, unveiled the products and solutions of Dr.WEB in Mumbai.

“We have plans to introduce bundled security solutions which will have encryptions and bulk mailing software along with Dr.WEB’s security solutions. We are confident on the channel plans that we have built for Dr.WEB and would execute the same in the right directions to achieve desirable results,” said Govind Marda, CEO at Netflix Technologies.


Features of Dr.WEB

Scans archived files at any nesting level
Detects packed objects regardless of whether or not Dr.WEB recognizes the compression format and their detailed analysis aimed at exposing hidden threats
Intelligent memory scan technologies allow viruses to be blocked in the RAM before replicating themselves to the hard drive
Dr.WEB can detect and neutralize viruses that can be found only in RAM and do not exist as files on disks, e.g. Slammer or CodeRed
Doesn’t need to be updated more often than once in 24 hours – unique spam detection technologies based on several thousands of rules allow the anti-spam to stay up to date without frequent downloads of bulky updates

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