Dell’Oro Group predicts strong network security appliance market

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The Network Security Appliance market is expected to grow strongly through 2020, a recent report by Dell’Oro Group showed.

According to the report, high-end firewalls would be the key market driver during the period.

“New technologies and changes to network hardware and software, such as those associated with virtualization and Cloud migration, are continually creating new security risks and driving demand in the Network Security Appliance market,” said Casey Quillin, Director at Dell’Oro Group.

Administrators are constantly required to upgrade their security infrastructure to protect their networks against evolving threats.

Additionally, users want to consolidate the number of security devices they manage; for example, rather than buying standalone Intrusion Detection Systems or standalone VPN devices, they are instead opting for high-end firewalls that incorporate these capabilities.

“Lastly, the challenge of securing and monitoring virtualized traffic with physical security appliances has driven an increase in the use of high-end virtual security appliances as users realize they are taking a risk,” Quillin said.

He added that the recent proliferation of new virtual products coming to market is an indication the market is gaining confidence in virtual products, as a substitute or in addition to, physical firewalls.

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