Dell deploys SonicWALL security solutions at Massage Envy Spa

Dell will supply SonicWALL security solutions to Massage Envy Spa, a health and wellness franchise in the U.S. to increase cardholder security, simplify administration, support new services, and facilitate rapid expansion.

Massage Envy Spa has deployed SonicWALL products at more than 960 clinics enables Massage Envy Spa franchise owners to focus on growing their business. The company has saved its IT staff 32 hours every week, reduced malware by up to 30 percent and achieved increased uptime.

Prior to implementation, franchises used third-party hardware and software solutions that offered limited capabilities, and did not allow the clinics to segment the LAN from the WLAN.

Earlier, IT personnel were spending about 50 hours each month manually managing individual firewalls using a remote access software solution.

To protect and manage its large distributed network, Massage Envy Spa deployed Dell SonicWALL NSA next-generation firewalls at its Franchise Support Center, with the Dell SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS) and TZ Series firewalls at each clinic.

Additionally, the organization standardized on Dell servers and workstations to create a holistic IT solution — saving money and simplifying support processes by reducing the number of third-party technologies used in the infrastructure.

Each of the clinics implemented Dell SonicWALL TZ 210 or TZ 215 firewalls with intrusion prevention, content filtering and anti-malware services. Massage Envy Spa gained a deeper level of protection, as well as up to a 30 percent reduction in malware.

To simplify enterprise-level firewall administration, Massage Envy Spa deployed two Dell SonicWALL UMA EM5000 Universal Management Appliances at its Franchise Support Center. Today, staff can instantly access any firewall using the central Dell SonicWALL GMS console, saving approximately 20 hours each month in manual login processes.

Adam Jacobi, director of IT Services, Massage Envy Spa, said: “We get all of the security capabilities we want in one Dell SonicWALL device, including intrusion prevention, content filtering and anti-virus.”

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