Check Point study warns EZCast dongle is vulnerable

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Connectivity through EZCast dongle raises significant security risks, latest Check Point research revealed.

EZCast is an HDMI dongle-based TV streamer that converts non-connected TVs into smart TVs.

It is an example of an IoT-connected device as it enables data transfer over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

According to the report, approximately 5 million users currently use the EZCast dongle, which runs on its own Wi-Fi network and is controlled through a smartphone device or PC.

The study pointed out that attackers can enter through the Wi-Fi system, allowing easy access into both the EZCast and home networks.

Once in, the attackers can move around the networks undetected, providing the ability to view confidential information and infect home devices.Most important is that, attacks can be initiated remotely allowing hackers to execute malicious code anywhere.

“This research provides a glimpse of what will be the new normal in 2016 and beyond — cyber criminals using creative ways to the exploit the cracks of a more connected world,” said Oded Vanunu, security research group manager, Check Point.

“The Internet of Things trend will continue to grow, and it will be important for consumers and businesses to think about how to protect their smart devices and prepare for the wider adoption of IoT.”

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