Check Point adds SGM 260 for 61000 Security System, targeting data centers

Check Point Software Technologies has launched its new Security Gateway Module (SGM) 260 for the 61000 Security System, targeting data centers, telecom and cloud service providers.

The SGM260 blade improves security performance, doubling firewall and IPS aggregated throughput to up to 400 Gbps and 130 Gbps, respectively. SGM260 blade doubles the 61000’s security power up to 33,000 SecurityPower Units (SPU).

Gabi Reish, vice president of product management at Check Point Software, said: “The SGM260 blade on our high-end 61000 security system delivers the power, extensibility and performance needed to protect the data center of the future.”


The SGM260 blade boasts the highest port density of any security gateway, allowing for more segmentation and performance. This gives organizations greater flexibility to deploy Check Point’s security technologies based on their network needs.

Check Point’s Software Blade Architecture enables the deployment of any combination of multi-layered protections, including: Firewall, VPN, IPS, Application Control, Identity Awareness, URL Filtering, Anti-spam, Antivirus, Anti-Bot, Data Loss Prevention, Mobile Access and Threat Emulation.

Key features of the SGM260 include:

Unparalleled performance of up to 33,000 SPU

Up to 400 Gbps of firewall and up to 130 Gbps IPS throughput

Connection capacity of over 200 million concurrent connections

Enhanced large scale data center and private cloud connectivity with up to 60x10GbE and up to 8x40GbE port density

Smooth performance scaling process with zero downtime when adding SGM260 blades to existing 61000 chassis

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