BT launches advance security platform for organizations

BT has launched an advanced security platform, Assure Cyber, promising monitoring, detection and protection against cyber threats targeted at private sector and government organizations.

The new solution is build to create and deliver a new service to the security market by selecting BT’s extensive knowledge in security field and also combines blend of selected tools developed by BT and its partners.

BT Assure Cyber brings together event data and telemetry from a rich variety of sources including business systems, traditional security controls and advanced detection tools.

Previous vulnerabilities and incidents can be identified and acted on immediately with BT new security platform.

Company said number of advanced analytics engines is used by BT Assure Cyber to detect subtle threats within the monitored environment.

Super Correlation engine is at the core of the Assure Cyber architecture which uses advanced mathematics to pick out anomalies from within human and machine orientated traffic.

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BT says the engine also determines how serious a particular attack may be to an organization and also consider the multiple layers of defense between an attacker and the vulnerable asset subject to attack.

The Assure Cyber capability allows security analysts to focus on the threat with most risk to their organizations.

BT Assure Cyber is available globally and is fully scalable – to cater for private sector and government organizations with a few hundred endpoints to tens of thousands.

“As innovation in technology accelerates, so must innovation and investment in the security controls that protect sensitive corporate assets from cyber-attack. Helping organizations master that changing cyber threat landscape is at the core of the BT Assure Cyber proposition,” said Mark Hughes, president of BT Security.

In February, BT and Scala partnered to supply digital solutions globally.

Shilpa Khatri
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