Bradford Networks adds Network Sentry/Analytics version 2.0

Bradford Networks today said its Network Sentry/Analytics version 2.0 correlates network and endpoint information with threat indicators.

It will simplify and accelerate cyber threat investigations as Network Sentry/Analytics 2.0 analyzes long-term network connection data collected by Network Sentry, the company’s NAC solution.

During security reviews, risk assessments, and threat investigations, Network Sentry/Analytics provides a look-back on the state of the network and every connection that was established. This intelligence, correlated with threat indicators, helps businesses prevent and eliminate backdoors on their network.

Tom Murphy, CMO, Bradford Networks

Network Sentry/Analytics improves security responsiveness by correlating otherwise independent security information to highlight risk and identify the source of an electronic foothold of a cyber threat.

“The surge in mobile devices increases a network’s attack surface. The past year has shown us that a cybercriminal’s target of choice is a vulnerable application on an endpoint. Gaining long-term visibility into the state of an endpoint, application, user, and point of connection is incredibly powerful for preventing, isolating and containing threats,” said Tom Murphy, CMO, Bradford Networks.

Network Sentry/Analytics 2.0 is deployed on a highly scalable Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) hosting platform and is available.

All Bradford Networks customers who have deployed Network Sentry version 5 and higher can leverage Network Sentry/Analytics.

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