BMC to deploy Embrane’s application centric firewalls

Application centric network service provider Embrane announced that BMC Software is the latest enterprise to deploy Embrane’s application centric firewalls to accelerate its development of applications.

In a statement Embrane said that the initial plan is for BMC to use Embrane’s application-centric firewalls in its development and test labs. Running on the Embrane heleos platform, BMC can deploy 100’s of dedicated firewalls when and where needed while managing them all from a single point of control for lifecycle management.

BMC aims at creating an automated self-service portal leveraging its Cloud Lifecycle Management platform where developers can design dedicated firewalls for the applications they are building. Once those firewalls are provisioned, rules can be created and assigned to the application. This ensures the application is tested in an environment that closely resembles what it will be when it’s in production.

By leveraging the Embrane heleos platform, BMC will be able to run other application-centric network services from Embrane or from third parties, including the Cisco ASAv, Sourcefire virtual appliances, Citrix VPX and A10 Networks vThunder.

“We give them a cost-effective way to introduce network services early in the development process, which in turn reduces the risk that an application breaks when it is moved to production,” said Dante Malagrinò, chief product officer, Embrane.

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