Baidu Joins Microsoft Active Protections Program

Chinese search engine Baidu has joined Microsoft Active Protection Programme (MAPP) to enhance its PC product’s capability to anticipate emerging threats.

In a statement Baidu officials said that this would help Baidu Antivirus receive early access to vulnerability information from Microsoft in advance of the company’s regular monthly security updates.

The membership will enable the Baidu Antivirus team to rapidly deploy protections to its users.

“Early and accurate threat detection is essential to keeping people’s data safe. Becoming a member of MAPP is an important step for us, since it will allow Baidu Antivirus to quickly push out important updates to all of our users. Baidu Antivirus has also bolstered its protection ability with its own cloud (antivirus) engine,” said Sam Dong, team leader, Baidu Antivirus.

Baidu Antivirus has received numerous certifications and accolades. selected Baidu Antivirus as its “most promising antivirus” product of the year in 2013.

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