Wipro announces salary increase to employees

IT services company Wipro today announced salary increase to eligible employees in India and abroad.

Wipro said the average salary hike, effective from June 1, will be 7 percent for offshore employees and 2 percent for its onsite employees. Wipro also offered substantially higher increases to high performers in their compensation.

Wipro office
“In addition, Wipro has increased the fixed pay component in the employee salaries, at the junior and mid-management levels,” said Saurabh Govil, global head – Human Resources, Wipro.

The IT Services segment of Wipro had a headcount of 158,217 as of March 31, 2015. Recently, Wipro said it expects revenues from IT Services business to be in the range of $ 1,765 million to $ 1,793 million. Wipro added 65 new customers during the fourth quarter of fiscal 2015.

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