NASSCOM Foundation aims digital literacy to 1 lakh Indians

NASSCOM Foundation has started the digital literacy week to offer digital literacy to over one lakh Indians.

This initiative is a part of the National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) or DISHA.

The government’s vision is to empower at least one person per household with critical digital literacy skills by 2020.

NASSCOM Foundation is the partner to India Government to achieve the first phase goal for DISHA by making 10 lakh individuals in India digitally literate in 18 months.

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The content for making digitally literates comes in seven modules and is presently teachable in Hindi, English, Telugu, and Kannada.

The seven modules are Power in Your Hands, Internet, Email and Social Media, Useful Information, Government, E commerce, and IT Security.

Everyone going through these seven modules will be digitally empowered at the end of the course after passing an assessment conducted by NIELIT (National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology).

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