InfiNet Wireless completes CCTV surveillance system at Kaposvar city

InfiNet Wireless, a Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) company, has completed the first major phase of its city-wide monitoring project using CCTV and broadband wireless technologies at Kaposvar city, Hungary.

The system ­­– supported by high resolution video and audio capture and recording capability – can monitor crime and anti-social behavior in public areas and provide telemetry, traffic and vehicle information.

The implementation of a CCTV surveillance system is the first step in Kaposvar’s strategy to reduce crime and to increase visitor and resident security across the county’s capital, whilst also providing monitoring of the region’s road traffic network through the same network.

Kaposvar is utilizing wireless technology – from the core redundant-ring backbone and link feeds to the monitoring headquarters through to each of the camera sites – instead copper or fiber networks to ensure inexpensive coverage.

The system makes use of technology features such as computer-automated monitoring across the scheme, offender facial recognition and the tracking of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) vehicle data and vehicle movements throughout the city.

InfiNet Wireless’s InfiMan 2×2 P2MP (point to multipoint) wireless solution forms the key building block of the wireless network, providing broadband wireless network coverage to multiple key camera locations from each single unit, and offering reliability.

The CCTV surveillance system is operational and operating around the clock, with more than half of the planned camera sites now installed and monitoring key areas of the city, said InfiNet Wireless in a statement.

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