Fast Retailing and Accenture delivers digital innovations for consumer services

Fast Retailing and Accenture have collaborated to accelerate the digital innovation of consumer services for Fast Retailing’s customers globally.

The companies together will deliver personalized customer experiences across all of Fast Retailing’s retail channels.

The company said, this collaboration may be formalized in a joint venture, subject to internal and regulatory approvals.

Under this deal, Accenture will help the retailer to develop new digital business models that embed customer innovation, data analytics and digitized operations in product development, merchandising, production, logistics, marketing, sales and customer service.

Fast Retailing customers can select, try, purchase and receive products and services anytime and anywhere.

With the help of Accenture, Fast Retailing will also build a cloud-based technology platform including supply chain and customer relationship management systems, to collect actionable customer insights that will enable the personalization of the customer experience.

Additionally, Accenture Digital will provide the digital commerce, mobility and analytics capabilities needed to transform the customer experience.


Fast Retailing will also train and recruit the talent necessary to build an enhanced customer experience team, seeking candidates with skills in digital technologies including mobility, analytics and cloud.

Both the companies will also establish an advisory panel that includes leading academics, opinion leaders and start-up companies to help shape Fast Retailing’s future digital services for its customers.

“Fast Retailing, partnering with Accenture, will enhance store strategy, create a state-of-the-art supply chain network and develop innovative talent to meet the consumer demands in the era of digitalization,” said Tadashi Yanai, Chairman, president and CEO, Fast Retailing.

Last month, Accenture acquired Javelin Group to gain digital capabilities to enhance Accenture Strategy’s ability to serve international retail market in a better way.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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