Wi-Fi 7 Deployed at Camping World Stadium by CommScope and Boldyn Networks

CommScope, a leader in network connectivity, and Boldyn Networks, a host provider, have announced the deployment of Wi-Fi 7 indoor access points at select locations within Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.
Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FloridaWith a seating capacity of 65,000, Camping World Stadium hosts a variety of prestigious events, including sporting spectacles and concerts. The introduction of RUCKUS R770 Wi-Fi access points marks what is believed to be the inaugural Wi-Fi 7 implementation in a major stadium, initially catering to press and VIP areas.

Christos Karmis, CEO of Boldyn’s US operations, expressed pride in delivering Wi-Fi 7 to Camping World Stadium, heralding a new era in fan engagement and event experiences. Karmis lauded Wi-Fi 7 for its unparalleled speed, capacity, reliability, and minimal latency, predicting a transformative impact on how spectators interact with games and events at the stadium.

The deployment of Wi-Fi 7 has demonstrated remarkable performance enhancements, including a 60 percent increase in throughput, reaching speeds of 900Mbps compared to Wi-Fi 6E areas, and delivering over four times faster speeds than previous generations. Moreover, latency has been substantially reduced by 75 percent, paving the way for innovative use cases such as augmented reality (AR) and real-time entertainment and social experiences.

Bart Giordano, President and SVP of Networking, Intelligent Cellular & Security Solutions at CommScope, commended the collaboration with Boldyn, underscoring the significance of implementing Wi-Fi 7 in a large venue like Camping World Stadium.

Bart Giordano emphasized that the RUCKUS R770 Wi-Fi 7 indoor access points offer connectivity, boasting ultra-fast, low latency wireless connections with enhanced capacity and efficiency to support high-demand applications, thereby elevating the fan experience.

Boldyn’s networks aim to deliver immersive fan experiences by ensuring robust connectivity for attendees, vendors, and stadium staff. Recent studies conducted by Boldyn indicate that 81 percent of event attendees are inclined to spend more on concessions and merchandise if ordering processes were more convenient, with a significant portion expressing interest in ordering directly from their seats for delivery.

The deployment of the RUCKUS R770 platform, empowered by RUCKUS AI, a cloud service for network assurance and business intelligence, plays a pivotal role in prioritizing fan-centric solutions. RUCKUS AI streamlines network management by providing operators with vital insights, enhancing network visibility, expediting issue resolution, meeting service level agreements (SLAs), and ensuring a seamless user experience.

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