WebNMS announces IoT initiatives for 2015

WebNMS today announced four emerging Internet of Things initiatives that will shape 2015.

“With IoT expected to connect around 28 billion devices by 2020, WebNMS is poised to address the market needs by offering a highly scalable IoT platform that enables rapid development of custom IoT applications across a wide range of industries,” said Prabhu Ramachandran, director of Zoho Corporation’s WebNMS.

WebNMS IoT Initiatives for 2015

WebNMS’ IoT applications like Power Grid Monitoring, Solar Farm Manager and Windmill Manager show the growing relevance of IoT in the energy infrastructure of a country. Apart from the real-time data, WebNMS provides detailed visibility of energy usage patterns, power hungry devices and drills down to identify issues like energy loss and energy wastage due to pilferage. Achieving sustainability goals will drive businesses to opt for IoT.

With sensors pouring in data from tens of thousands of connected devices, IoT opens new revenue streams. For instance, machine data on driving behavior from connected cars creates new revenue via pay-as-you-drive insurance. Managed service providers can offer bundled services for remote monitoring.

In the coming years, IT leaders will focus on developing new revenue models or value-added services to realize game-changing opportunities from IoT. Big data and analytics tools will boost technology spending in 2015.


Smart City creates a connected ecosystem where multiple sectors (ranging from healthcare to transportation, utilities, etc.) unite and exchange information, fostering economic growth and a sustainable lifestyle.

With governments’ initiatives on infrastructure development across the world, technology providers, data center operators and other stakeholders will focus on creating a roadmap to support the complex integration and massive data traffic that would be generated from the smart city.

WebNMS currently offers Road Infrastructure Manager, Power Grid Monitoring and Smart Home targeted at the smart city segment. WebNMS’ highly customizable IoT application platform, with its comprehensive set of development tools, enables building a wide range of IoT solutions.

IoT technologies can make businesses more secure with centralized management and control of remote devices, theft monitoring, alert notifications, lighting and HVAC controls, and fire and smoke detection.

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