Toss Bank Partners with Pure Storage to Revolutionize Digital Financial Services

Pure Storage, a provider of data storage technology and services, has unveiled a collaboration with Toss Bank, South Korea’s fastest-growing internet-only bank. Leveraging Pure Storage’s all-flash storage platform, Toss Bank is set to deliver seamless, always-on digital financial services to its customers.
Pure Storage for business technology
Toss Bank has achieved unprecedented growth, amassing over 8 million customers in two years and securing the top spot in Forbes’ The World’s Best Banks 2023 list in South Korea. Challenging traditional banking models, Toss Bank is disrupting the sector by offering consumers a secure array of digital-only financial services.

Central to their success is the management of customer data, essential for efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and risk mitigation. Processing a staggering 9,000 transactions per second within its database, Toss Bank encountered performance hurdles with its existing storage system, impeding its capacity to provide optimized financial services.

Adopting Pure Storage’s all-flash storage platform, notably the FlashArray portfolio, has empowered Toss Bank with the performance, reliability, and scalability pivotal for modernizing the digital financial experience.

Enhanced Performance for Transaction Processing: Pure Storage’s FlashArray facilitates the reliable processing of 9,000 transactions per second, enabling scalability independent of servers. This upgrade augments write performance, reliability, reduces costs, and supports non-disruptive upgrades for the storage environment.

Leading Data Reduction and Replication: The FlashArray technology drastically reduces Toss Bank’s storage requirements by up to 83 percent, boasting a 6:1 data reduction ratio. Pure’s data reduction tech proves 2.5x more cost-effective than competitors in effective capacity. Utilizing FlashArray’s snapshot feature slashes replication time from 4 hours to less than a minute, a 99 percent efficiency boost.

FlashArray allowed Toss Bank to replace 400 SSDs, saving over $485,000 in disk purchase costs. Additionally, significant reductions in data center footprint and energy expenses amount to an estimated $122,000 over five years.

Pure1, Pure Storage’s AI-powered storage management platform, empowers Toss Bank to monitor storage workload, capacity, and performance. Proactive alerts preempt potential challenges, ensuring uninterrupted service by addressing hardware, software, and environmental issues in advance.

Donghyun Park, Systems Engineer of Toss Bank’s Infrastructure Team, highlighted the impact of Pure Storage FlashArray in overcoming performance obstacles, emphasizing the rapid deployment facilitated by the collaboration.

Donghyun Park emphasized, “With Pure Storage FlashArray, Toss Bank was able to resolve performance issues of the existing storage and paved the way for reliable financial services. With the active support of the Pure Storage sales team, the all-flash products were delivered to our data center in just two weeks, accelerating our financial transformation.”

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