Top features of Huawei BYOD mobile office solution

Huawei has launched its bring your own device (BYOD) mobile office solution. The new solution offers several cost benefits to enterprises.

The new BYOD solution offers one-stop services and products for enterprise network, security, devices as well as management platforms, providing comprehensive mobile office deployment for enterprises.

Features of Huawei BYOD solution

Huawei says the integrated mobile office platform enables security and lifecycle management from enterprise data to applications, network and device.

Interface of Huawei BYOD mobile office application

The solution ensures zero data leakage and adopts sand box technology to separate private data from corporate information. Encryption covering the whole process from user applications to network equipment has been incorporated in the solution to secure against information espionage.

The device management feature manages the life cycle of mobile devices, from purchase to deployment, operation and recycling. The security protection extends to full life cycle management, from access authorization to employee resignation or loss of device, ensuring a secured life cycle of devices.

The new BYOD solution offers 100 percent network coverage with absence of blind zone, as well as 20 percent increase of coverage area and improvement in throughput rate.

Through refined planning and verification of the WLAN, the BYOD solution is able to achieve 100 percent network coverage with no blind zone at any time, enhancing overall network experience.

Due to the smart antenna’s sophisticated industrial design, the coverage area of a single access point is 20 percent higher than industry average. Less number of access points is needed, reducing the complexity of network planning as well as deployment costs.

The multi-user business throughput rate is 20 percent higher than equivalent industry products which can increase network performance, improve user experience and enhance satisfaction.

The solution offers different energy-saving solutions tailored for different scenarios, saving up to 20 percent of energy consumption which can lower operating costs and increase energy efficiency.

Only a single key is needed to switch between different devices and network applications, reducing the possibility of service interruption. Adopted in different working scenarios, this feature aims to improve work efficiency of users.

Personal office desktop profiles can be mobilized through mobile desktop cloud. Users can access the same desktop profile from any locations and enjoy the complete set of data with unchanged user experience. Devices can be switched in a plug-and-play mode without interrupting the applications running on the desktop.

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