Tevis Oil Co taps NCR Radiant point-of-sale solutions to improve service

Tevis Oil Company has selected NCR Radiant point-of-sale (RPOS) technology solutions to improve service and reliability at its Jiffy Mart convenience store chain.

“Prior to installing the NCR RPOS solutions, we were plagued by a slow operating system and software changes that would take a day to complete and would lock up our POS system,” said Tim Watkins, business manager at Tevis Oil.

The NCR RPOS solution provides Jiffy Mart stores with a new layer of redundancy that allows an entire site to remain operational even if they have an issue with a single POS device. Software updates can be made remotely from central office locations and do not require the site to shut down when changes are made as they were in the past.

Tevis Oil operates 9 Jiffy Mart convenience stores in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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