Tata Communications signs $20 mn WAN deal with KION Group

Tata Communications has bagged a $20 million WAN deal with the KION Group, a manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse technology.

As part of the IT deal, which will ensure WAN services to its 280 sites and 22,000 employees in 30 countries, Tata Communications will replace the KION Group’s existing WAN providers with a single network.

“The number of users, offices and devices within the KION Group meant that we wouldn’t be able to achieve the agility and adaptability that is demanded by our Strategy 2020 with different regional IP networks around the world,” said Walter Gruner, chief information officer, KION Group.

“A single provider would enable us to simplify our network management, but the advanced services that Tata Communications provides are going a step further in allowing us to take complete control of the traffic on our network,” Gruner added.

KION Group’s new network will be application aware and will allow an understanding of the types of data flowing across the WAN, and provide new levels of understanding to the IT department for responsive applications.

Tata Communications said CIOs can guarantee delivery on their internal KPIs by understanding why services are behaving in certain ways and adjusting the network in real-time to solve issues, manage costs and improve end-user experiences.

Tata Communications

The WAN network will allow the KION Group to handle data more intelligently and better visibility. WAN will run on Tata Communications’ dedicated backbone and utilize its cloud-based security solution.

KION Group’s IT department will benefit from lower management costs, better control of the end user experience and the ability to respond to the changing needs of the business.

The new network will form an important pillar of the KION Group’s Strategy 2020 plan to create economies of scale across the entire group with its six global and regional brands.

“KION Group’s Wide Area Network will be a next generation network model to blend its private wider area network with public internet connections, and understand the type of data that users are demanding from it,” said Hans Gottlinger, country head Germany, Tata Communications.

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