SmartOps launches Enterprise Demand Sensing to predict demand trends

Infotech Lead America: SmartOps Corporation, a provider of enterprise-class supply chain planning and optimization software, announced the availability of Enterprise Demand Sensing (EDS). EDS is a cloud- based analytics tool that predicts demand trends in order to boost sales, reduce stock-outs, and reduce expediting costs.

“We are thrilled to co-innovate with our customers on a new approach for managing market-driven value networks. Companies can enhance supply chain agility to mitigate effects of market volatility through our Enterprise Demand Sensing and Enterprise Inventory Optimization product portfolio,” said Gerry Perham, SmartOps CTO.

“Enterprise Demand Sensing and Demand Analytics are the first applications on SmartOps’ new Cloud-based product portfolio, which we believe will dramatically reduce time to value and ownership complexity for our customers,” added Perham.

EDS reduces complexity in supply chain by automating capture of demand trends, prediction of forecasts and sales order bias, and recognition of demand patterns. The process adds a new level of accuracy required for supply chain planning and execution.

Further, EDS also works with demand signals within the enterprise as well as external signals.  Thanks to its embedded analytics, the solution increases supply chain agility with fact-based demand response strategies and assess effectiveness of product promotion and launch activities.

EDS also helps improve performance of traditional time-series based forecasting systems that focus on historical information but ignore current demand signals.

 SmartOps product portfolio also includes Enterprise Inventory Optimization (EIO) and Analytics Intelligence Module (AIM). The EIO helps organizations plan and manage inventories across global supply chains through analysis of important inputs and signals. AIM improves supply chain analytics and performance by offering new reporting capabilities. SmartOps makes it possible through SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise (BOE) modules that feature a pre-configured data universe and reports for common workflows.

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