Silver Spring Network for Smart City deployment in Paris

Silver Spring Network has expanded its relationship with EVESA to deploy a citywide canopy network connecting the above-ground and subterranean cabinet-based controllers for street and traffic lights in Paris.

Evesa is responsible for managing the street lights and traffic control systems in the City of Paris.

Silver Spring’s smart city platform helps in deploying intelligent lighting systems to improve system reliability, increase energy efficiency, lower operational costs, extend equipment lifespan, and enhance citizen safety and quality of life.

The solution will also provide a platform for future smart city applications and services including  traffic management, environmental sensors, smart parking, electric vehicle charging, electricity metering, water conservation, and many others.

Silver Spring was also selected by Florida Power & Light in February, for connected lighting project, nearly 500,000 networked street lights across South Florida.


“EVESA’s diligent planning and intense technology testing help ensure the citizens of Paris receive a globally proven, highly reliable, and secure smart city solution,” said Scott Lang, Chairman, President and CEO, Silver Spring Networks.

Silver Spring has also delivered over 20 million IPv6 networked devices for critical infrastructure networks on five continents.

In January, Silver Spring acquired Detectent, a provider of utility data analytics solutions.

Silver Spring unveiled the fifth generation of its critical infrastructure networking platform – Gen5, in January.

Last month, Metrix and Silver Spring partnered to deliver Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) services for Trustpower, an electricity generator and energy and telecommunications retailer serving over 225,000 customers across New Zealand.

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