Seagate supplies Nytro flash cards to QingCloud to improve cloud service

Seagate Technology today said QingCloud, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider in China, has selected its Nytro flash cards to improve its cloud service.

Because Nytro PCIe-based flash acceleration cards — the XP6209 ­­– are designed to deliver high performance, reduced latency and low CPU burden for database applications and I/O-intensive workloads, QingCloud’s enterprise clients can meet higher levels of computing performance and lower latency.

“Seagate’s Nytro solution offers us a significantly improved system response time and lower total cost of ownership, enabling QingCloud to help more enterprise users enhance their IT system resource utilization,” said Reno Gan, co-founder & vice president of R&D, QingCloud.


QingCloud found that Seagate Nytro cards’ response time performance was better when compared to other PCIe products.

At present, the high per GB costs of PCIe-based flash memory prevent most companies from using PCIe-based flash products.

“Seagate’s Nytro product portfolio combines the high performance and low total owner cost of PCIe-based flash, overcoming this challenge,” said Thad Omura, vice president of Product & Customer Management, Flash Products, Seagate.

IDC says there will be 30 percent growth annually in both private and public clouds in China over the next several years, generating higher services levels for cloud providers specializing in IaaS.

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