SDN innovators: Apstra, Big Switch, Plexxi and Pluribus Networks

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Research firm IDC has named four innovative technology vendors in the software-defined networking (SDN) market.

SDN technology innovators are Apstra, Big Switch Networks, Plexxi and Pluribus Networks.

“IDC Innovators are emerging vendors with revenue <$100 million that have demonstrated either a groundbreaking business model or an innovative new technology — or both,” said Brad Casemore, research vice president, Datacenter Networks.

Apstra offers a vendor-agnostic datacenter-network operating system and intent-based analytics that provide real-time, continuous closed-loop validation.

Big Switch Networks offers a fabric-based SDN solution that is designed to make the datacenter network intelligent, agile, and flexible.

Plexxi offers a programmable, workload-driven Ethernet/IP-based datacenter fabric that enables convergence of discrete networks into an intelligent datacenter fabric serving all workloads.

Pluribus Networks offers a dynamic, scale-out architecture that enables organizations to build a next-generation private or public cloud that is optimized to support mission-critical environments.

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