Sauber Motorsport Teams Up with Hewlett Packard Enterprise for High Performance Computing

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has unveiled a partnership with Sauber Motorsport AG to propel the aerodynamics of Formula One race cars to unprecedented levels.
HPE Primera storage solutionsThe collaboration has led to the development of a cutting-edge high-performance computing (HPC) system dedicated to computational fluid dynamics (CFD), significantly enhancing computing prowess compared to its predecessor.

The system promises to be a game-changer, boasting computing capabilities essential to addressing the immense challenges inherent in Formula One racing. HPE’s commitment is to empower Sauber Motorsport AG with bespoke compute resources, providing a competitive edge while ensuring data sovereignty and operational agility.

Installed physically within the wind tunnel building of Sauber Motorsport in Hinwil, Switzerland, HPE is delivering supercomputing performance via HPE GreenLake. This platform enables Sauber’s engineers to dynamically adjust computing capacity in adherence to the stringent regulations set by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). Crucially, all data storage and processing occur within Sauber’s secure environment in Hinwil, safeguarding intellectual property and minimizing latency.

Trish Damkroger, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, HPC, AI & Labs at HPE, emphasized the pivotal role of high-performance computing in Formula One: “Succeeding in this environment requires the dedicated compute resources only high-performance computing can offer to address big challenges.”

The newly deployed high-performance cluster is built on workload-optimized HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers, leveraging the exceptional capabilities of 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors. Additionally, it incorporates high-performance storage powered by the Cray ClusterStor E1000, utilizing the Lustre-based, open-source parallel file system.

“HPE GreenLake perfectly matches these requirements because it combines the flexibility of the cloud with the control of an on-premises environment. Moreover, HPE GreenLake helps us reduce our capital expenditure by giving us access to high-performance computing technology in a pay-as-you-go model,” Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Managing Director of Sauber Group, said.

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