SAP launches Net Margin Analysis analytic application for Indian enterprises

SAP has launched SAP Net Margin Analysis analytic application to provide enterprises with financial view of their B2B operations.

The application uses advanced analytics to capture cost-to-serve metrics. Enterprises can use data captured by SAP Net Margin Analysis to reduce costs at a granular level and perform better.

SAP Net Margin Analysis enables users to provide full visibility into all costs. The application goes below the surface to uncover expenses and lines of profit that were not visible before.

SAP estimates that enterprises can save up to five percent on indirect costs in the first year after implementation.

“SAP Net Margin Analysis provides actionable data on costs that up to this point were below the radar of many enterprises. Previous offerings could only provide a ballpark figure on such costs. Users can now drill down into that data and isolate it precisely to see who their profit and cost generators are. Detailed metrics that took months to produce can now be viewed and acted upon immediately,” said Karen Lynch, vice president, Global Wholesale Distribution, SAP.

SAP is offering SAP Net Margin Analysis as a rapid-deployment solution, giving pre-configured content, best practices and pre-defined services to deploy the solution and achieve more immediate cost-savings.

Enterprises will benefit from full cost visibility leveraging existing cost allocation tools and financial applications.

SAP claims that the average timeframe for a typical deployment is less than 90 days, which helps customers lower the cost of implementation and speed time to value while retaining the flexibility to extend the solution when needed.

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