Samsung offers 10-nm 16Gb LPDDR4X DRAM for automobiles

Samsung Electronics has started producing 10-nanometer (nm)-class 16Gb LPDDR4X DRAM for automobiles.

The latest LPDDR4X features energy efficiency while raising the thermal endurance level for automotive applications. The 10nm-class DRAM will power the industry’s fastest automotive DRAM-based LPDDR4X interface with the highest density.
Samsung 10nm-class 16Gb LPDDR4X DRAM for Automobiles
“The 16Gb LPDDR4X DRAM is our most advanced automotive solution yet, offering global automakers outstanding reliability, endurance, speed, capacity and energy efficiency,” said Sewon Chun, senior vice president of memory marketing at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung’s 16Gb LPDDR4X is Automotive Grade 1-compliant, raising the capability to withstand temperatures to 125°C. The earlier 20nm-class Automotive Grade 2 DRAM could support up to 105°C.

Samsung said its data processing speed comes in at 4,266 Mbps, a 14 percent increase from the 8Gb LPDDR4 DRAM that is based on 20nm process technology, and the new memory also registers a 30 percent increase in power efficiency.

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