Ruckus Networks and SmartWAVE Power Smart City Projects in San Jose

San Jose, known as the heart of Silicon Valley, has been making strides in its smart city initiatives with a decade-long partnership involving the City of San Jose, Ruckus Networks, and SmartWAVE. Together, they have been driving the city’s vision for safety, sustainability, and economic growth through innovative technology solutions.
Ruckus for smart city networkingMayor’s Vision and Collaborative Efforts: Matt Mahan, Mayor of the City of San Jose, emphasized the city’s limitless potential and its unique position in harnessing technology to address challenges. The collaboration with Ruckus Networks has placed San Jose at the forefront of AI-driven Wi-Fi technology, enhancing connectivity for residents and businesses.

Key Projects and Achievements:

Closing the “Homework Gap”: The partnership addressed the issue of students lacking broadband connectivity for homework by extending the Wi-Fi network of the East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) to surrounding neighborhoods. This initiative, funded by a $2.7 million school bond, enabled thousands of low-income students to access digital curriculum seamlessly.

Community Connectivity: San Jose deployed an outdoor network using streetlight poles and city infrastructure to provide Wi-Fi access in downtown areas. This initiative revitalized businesses, encouraged community engagement, and generated additional revenue for city services.

Upgrading Wi-Fi for Conventions: The McEnery Convention Center experienced significant improvements in Wi-Fi performance, accommodating high-density events with shared or dedicated bandwidth of up to one Gbps. Ruckus AI played a crucial role in delivering a world-class connectivity experience for exhibitors and attendees.

Airport Wi-Fi Service: San Jose Mineta International Airport (SJC) upgraded its Wi-Fi equipment, offering one of the fastest airport Wi-Fi networks in the U.S. This enhancement improved traveler experiences, supported new applications for airport officials, and contributed to the airport’s rapid seat capacity growth.

Impact and Recognition: Recently, SJC was ranked as the fastest airport Wi-Fi in the U.S., reflecting the success of the partnership’s innovative technology solutions.

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