Riverbed Technology offers 30-day free trial for Cascade Express 460 Virtual Edition

Enterprise networking vendor Riverbed Technology today announced 30-day free trial for the newly launched Riverbed Cascade Express 460 Virtual Edition.

The company said the virtual edition of Riverbed Cascade Express 460 provides visibility into private cloud or software-defined data center environments running virtualized networks.

The company said the Cascade Express 460 Virtual Edition combines monitoring of traditional and virtualized network environments in a single virtual appliance that can be deployed easily into any type of environment.

Braun Intertec, an environmental engineering consulting and testing firm headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, said it first deployed Steelheads to accelerate its remote offices’ access to services in its data center. Later, it purchased Riverbed Cascade Express to ensure visibility into its virtual remote desktop farm.

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Chris Niesen, IT Engineering Lead of Braun Intertec, said: “Our goal is to move from a 95 percent to a 100 percent virtualized environment. Whether it’s between datacenters or in the cloud, it gives us the flexibility to deploy Riverbed solutions in any kind of IT environment we choose and to move our monitoring where it’s needed.”


Main features of Riverbed Cascade Express Virtual Edition

n  Avoid impact to the business from bad apps with advanced analytics that automatically detect, isolate and pinpoint changes in performance. Map cloud application dependencies to accelerate troubleshooting across complex application ecosystems.

n  High-speed packet capture and storage with deep packet inspection of more than 1,000 popular applications combined with robust flow collection and deduplication for automated traffic and performance analysis.

n  A concurrent user license of Riverbed Cascade Pilot for graphically analyzing traffic data on the Cascade Express appliance without having to transfer large trace files across the network.

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