Red River signs $500 million project for Cisco SMARTnet support services

Infotech Lead America: Red River, a provider of IT products and services to the government and healthcare sectors, has signed an enterprise service agreement (ESA) to support the United States Army’s installed base for Cisco SMARTnet support services.

The size of ESA is more than $500 million. It provides full lifecycle support, including technical and professional engineering services.

In association with Cisco, Red River will provide quality assurance, progress and status reporting, risk identification, risk handling, risk mitigation strategies and program reviews.

“We are honored and privileged to work with the U.S. Army in its move to an enterprise network architecture, which is at the heart of its mandate to become a smaller yet more capable defense force,” said Don Neault, vice president for Cisco Public Sector Advanced Services.

“Through this new comprehensive service arrangement, Cisco and Red River offer an innovative support model that serves the Army’s efforts to modernize the network, drive greater efficiency and ultimately improve national defense,” Neault added.

Red River will dedicate significant resources and personnel to support this ESA.

“This enterprise service agreement consolidates all of our previous contracts with the Army and improves its network by driving greater efficiency and maintaining its national security efforts as the central focus,” said Doug Purcell, vice president, Cisco Public Sector Services Sales.

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