Rackspace aids Made-in-China.com to grow website traffic

Rackspace today said managed Cloud services have assisted trade ecommerce company Made-in-China.com to grow its website traffic over 2,000 percent.

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Made-in-China’s website traffic grew from 1-to-2 million in 2006 to between 25-to-35 million today. According to Made-in-China, revenues have also increased from 43 million RMB annually in 2006 to approximately 500 million RMB a year.


Tao Yan, IT Manager, Made-in-China, said: “With our previous provider, there were many instances of downtime as well as a lack of real-time support. However, with Rackspace our experience has been completely different.”

Rackspace is offering dedicated server hosting services, 24×7 customer service, known as Fanatical Support, and an experienced team capable of managing IT efficiently.

In the eight years that Made-in-China has worked with Rackspace, the company’s infrastructure has grown from two servers in 2006 to a total of 23 servers hosted in the U.S., as well as seven cloud servers hosted in Hong Kong.

While Made-in-China is based in Nanjing, China, over 70 percent of Made-in-China’s web traffic comes from overseas, meaning it needed a reliable hosting provider that could support its business globally.

Baburajan K
[email protected]

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