Qualcomm Life expands enterprise health care ecosystem partners

Qualcomm Life on Monday announced its association with enterprise health care ecosystem firms such as American Heart Association, WebMD and BioScrip, who are leveraging the 2net and HealthyCircles Care Coordination Platforms, to enable wireless connectivity to capture, transfer and share health data from hospital to home.

Rick Valencia, senior vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Life, said that organizations like the American Heart Association, WebMD and BioScrip, are working with us and our ecosystem members to develop innovative solutions that expand patient access to improved care and tools to better manage their own health.

By streamlining post-acute care management and coordination, AHA aims to improve population health and reduce costly readmission rates.

The American Heart Association (AHA) is working with Qualcomm Life on its new Connected Heart Health initiative, which combines wireless technologies and evidence-based CarePlans to improve care coordination and outcomes for post-acute cardiovascular and stroke care.

Qualcomm Life

“Qualcomm Life’s technology platforms provide the potential for us to help Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) build a clinically integrated network that delivers better care to more patients, at a reduced cost,” said Nancy Brown, chief executive officer, American Heart Association.

iMPak Health is tapping Qualcomm Life’s 2net Platform to offer Kraken, one of the first Bluetooth low-energy (BLE)-enabled mobile medication management systems designed to assist in organizing and tracking complex, multi-pill daily regimens.

Kraken will allow patients, particularly those of an aging population, to better manage their chronic conditions and become more adherent to medication regimens by seamlessly tracking and uploading their data and securely sharing that information with their care team through a scalable, plug-and-play solution.

Qualcomm Life’s 2net technology solves the critical problem of connectivity and interoperability in wireless health by allowing us to get data from medical devices to the cloud securely and in a way that is both easy for the patient and low risk for the health care provider.

Sandra Elliott, executive director of iMPak Health, said the company in association with Qualcomm Life will offer a low-cost and user-friendly solution to help patients go beyond coping with chronic conditions and empower them to proactively manage their health.

Meanwhile, Delta is one of the latest European companies to join the Qualcomm Life Ecosystem and is integrating the 2net Hub and Platform with its ePatch technology, a discreet body-worn sensor that continuously records, stores and wirelessly transmits a patient’s ECG, heart rate and activity and motion data.

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