Pure Storage improves Shutterfly performance by 500%

Shutterfly has deployed 17 Pure Storage FlashArray 420 arrays and achieved 500 percent improvement in performance.

The main benefits by deploying Pure Storage FlashArray 420 arrays include flawless and consistent delivery to customers and reduction in its data footprint as part of a new data center migration, while replacement of its legacy disk based storage systems.

Pure Storage has also helped Shutterfly in saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in rack space, power and cooling costs over the next three years.

In 2014, Sierra Nevada Brewing replaced its legacy disk based storage system with the Pure Storage FlashArray 420 for improved data center performance and operational efficiency. Pure Storage supported Sierra Nevada Brewing as its production critical application and processes are able to fuel business growth as customer demand increases.

Pure Storage

Shutterfly has also experienced a smaller data footprint means 4:5:1 average data reduction overall and up to 15:8:1 on MongoDB freed up 1PB of usable storage capacity, at a fraction of the power and cooling costs.

Each year, Shutterfly helps millions of people store, edit and share their photos online and use them to create customized photo albums and gifts.

“A highly available and reliable storage solution that delivers consistent performance during our busiest traffic times is critical to a seamless customer experience,” said Dan McCormick, COO of Shutterfly.

Few months ago, Skullcandy has deployed Pure Storage FlashArray to replace legacy mechanical disk in its production system and drastically increase performance.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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