OCBC Bank deploys facial recognition tech to identify VIP customers

NECOCBC Bank in association with NEC has rolled out a facial recognition system at its Holland Village branch to identify premier banking customers – as part of its digital strategy.

Investment in facial recognition technology will assist industries such as banks and retail to identify and authenticate persons.

The biometric system, implemented since 4 December 2017, identifies OCBC Bank’s premier banking customers in real-time as they approach the lounge in the branch without needing to stop to look at the camera.

The technology allows the Premier Service Manager (PSM) to identify the VIP customer and greet by their preferred name, offer their preferred drinks and magazines, and, understand their visit records and deliver services.

“Since introducing it, we received positive feedback from customers who were impressed by the personalized hospitality enabled by fast and accurate identification. We will evaluate and consider the extension of the capability beyond customer service,” said Pranav Seth, head of E-business, Business Transformation and Fintech & Innovation group, OCBC Bank.

“Moving ahead, we look forward to exploring more innovative and meaningful ideas to help customers digitally transform their businesses through artificial intelligence that includes biometrics and facial recognition,” said Lim Kok Quee, managing director and deputy CEO of NEC Asia Pacific.

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