NSN taps Ipanema Technologies solution to adapt to IT changes

Telecom network vendor NSN has tapped Ipanema Technologies solution to adapt to IT changes without worrying about critical applications’ performance.

Ipanema Technologies has assisted the global mobile broadband specialist to regain control of its network and optimize its IT budget by implementing global application performance visibility and control based on Ipanema Technologies.

Alain Wauters, head of IT Networks, NSN,

Alain Wauters, head of IT Networks, NSN, said: “It was essential for us to regain control of applications running over the network. We have avoided additional IT spending on bandwidth increase to support new usages because we make the most of hybrid networks (MPLS+internet). We are now in full alignment with the strategic corporate goals set two years ago and more able to support the business.”

NSN’s IT challenge was to protect business applications and manage increasing traffic demand with existing network resources and budget. Due to slowdown in business, NSN was looking at reducing its Opex by $1.35 billion by end of 2013.

The company achieved its IT goals by implementing global WAN Governance as a business-driven approach; driving the network from corporate objectives to protect business apps; and dynamically managing existing hybrid MPLS + Internet resources to optimize cost.

Ipanema Technologies in a statement said NSN lacked of global and proactive mechanism offering visibility and control of application performance. Simultaneously, new usages such as cloud services, R&D applications, Mergers and Acquisitions were increasing traffic demand.

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