NRF 2015: Panasonic unveils Powershelf retail solutions

Panasonic has launched its Powershelf IT solutions at 104th National Retail Federation Annual Convention & EXPO (NRF 2015) in the U.S.

Powershelf retail merchandising solution includes battery-free, wirelessly powered electronic shelf labels (ESLs), beacon activated mobile advertising capability, inventory and price management software and out-of-stock sensor technology.

Retailers can install the retail solution on existing shelving units, delivering maximum value for retailers with minimum investment.

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Powershelf assist retailers to reduce labor and material costs, ensure regulatory compliance, enable omni-channel marketing, drive sales with targeted advertising, create new revenue streams and more.

Panasonic unveils Powershelf retail solutions

Panasonic said Powershelf features Out-of-Stock Sensors. Out of stocks cost retailers 4 percent of annual sales.

Battery-free beacons assist to increase the connection between retailers and their consumers and improve the shopping experience.

Battery free ESLs ensure accurate pricing and enable retailers to remotely change pricing on any SKU in the store in minutes. The system eliminates the need for battery disposal or paper price tags, creating significant cost reductions.

The prices are locked into place allowing for planogram integrity. Studies show this can add 1 percent to annual sales.

Powershelf CEO Larry McWilliams said: “Over 70 percent of people are now using mobile devices as part of their path to purchase. Up to 43 percent of consumers will go to another store to buy an item if the one they are looking for is out-of-stock. That can have a huge impact on a retailer’s bottom line.”

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