NetApp storage aids Shiv Nadar University to gain 80% more performance

NetApp today said the Shiv Nadar University (SNU) has achieved 80 percent more performance from its FAS storage system.

today announced its IT deal with the Shiv Nadar University (SNU) to supply its FAS storage system and achieved 80 percent more performance.

NetApp’s FAS storage has helped the university achieve virtualization, better performance and ease of operations with security and stability.

The NetApp storage solution has supported the university in managing virtualization workload and file servers. Main results were up to 80 percent more performance, 100 percent more capacity and non-disruptive operations. NetApp’s FAS storage system has improved agility with faster delivery of results and reduction in planned and unplanned downtime.


This apart, the NetApp storage systems provided a high return on Investment for virtualization and server consolidation infrastructure. SNU has realized 30-40 percent space savings by optimizing the solution across platforms, bringing in ease in administration and cost efficiencies.

Rajesh Dawar, head, IT, Shiv Nadar University said: “The University was witnessing exponential surge in its data growth – 15 percent year-on-year due to existing workloads and 25 percent annual growth with new initiatives leading to substantial increase in our storage needs.”

“The new solution not only strengthens our existing IT backbone but has also helped build a robust technology environment in line with our vision to create a world class research-focused university and our commitment to create a seamless and efficient technology infrastructure for our faculty and students,” Dawar added.

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