NEC brings new ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite with 10 times more scalability

NEC has launched Version 5.1 of its ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite with features including software-defined data center interconnect solution called the Unified Network Coordinator (UNC) that improves scalability of the network controller by 10 times.

The UNC enables construction and orchestration of virtual networks across multiple controllers within a data center as well as across interconnects between data centers. The UNC’s capability of linking virtual networks across and between data centers gives customers the ability to link to specific policies within the UNC. In turn, users gain the ability to have an end-to-end policy across multiple controllers and multiple domains.


Don Clark, director of business development, NEC of America, said: “The ProgrammableFlow version 5.1 controller allows for better resource utilization and it simplifies data center management, both of which can increase service agility and reduce operating costs.”

NEC customers can deploy the UNC to move workloads across multiple data centers and control how traffic flows across WAN links. This allows pooling of resources, which equates to better utilization of not only networks, but also storage and servers.

IDC recently surveyed senior data center and CIO executives at 200 enterprises about DCI and found they are looking for solutions such as the UNC to help them fully leverage their networks. At the top of their list of concerns are business continuity and disaster recovery. An interconnect solution will be attractive because of the investment protection and the variety of technology approaches it affords.

NEC says ProgrammableFlow UNC will be an ideal solution for customers who want to develop an effective disaster recovery and business continuity strategy. Using the ProgrammableFlow UNC helps reduce costs for readiness because it better leverages existing IT resources and investments. It also provides highly available computing capability.

The ProgrammableFlow UNC also provides better workload application mobility. It enables moving virtualized resources to and from dispersed geographic locations, either because of expansion or consolidation efforts. Additionally, customers can enjoy new levels of collaboration with improved responsiveness to planned or unplanned events, such as weather-related outages or emergencies.

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