NEC adds new enterprise server on Intel Xeon processor E7 v2, priced $30,000

NEC today released the Express5800/A2000 (A2000) series enterprise server using the Intel Xeon processor E7 v2 product family. The starting price of the new servers is $30,000.

The A2000 series is the sixth generation of NEC’s Enterprise Intel Server Architecture and is designed to optimize performance, scalability and reliability for mission critical workloads.

The A2000 series is ideal for systems that perform high-speed operations and require mass storage, such as mission-critical tasks, heavy transactional workloads, in-memory databases, and large-scale, highly virtual infrastructure environments.

Up to 4 TB of memory, 60 cores and 120 threads can be housed in the 4 CPU chassis. NEC said custom configurations let customers populate two, three or four sockets. Based on NEC’s dynamic partitioning technology, these systems deliver on-demand functionality that allows for efficient use of CPU resources.

“The need for greater levels of operational efficiency, combined with the acceleration of the virtualization of mission critical applications, is driving the highest levels of consolidation in the industry,” said Mike Mitsch, vice president, IT platforms, NEC Corporation of America.

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Key features of the Express5800/A2000 series:

It’s 2 times more powerful than NEC’s previous generation servers, with up to four CPUs using the Intel Xeon processor E7 v2 product family.

It supports twice the memory capacity of current generation servers to support in-memory databases processing data at high speed using large-capacity memory.

80 PLUS Platinum certified power supply significantly reduces power utilization when compared to current generation servers.

EXPRESSSCOPE ENGINE SP3 availability and serviceability framework delivers enhanced monitoring and autonomous operations.

Responds to CPU and memory failures to ensure the system continues operating; memory can be added without a server reboot through a memory module hot-add feature.

In addition, the new NEC server includes up to 16 PCI-Express 3.0 slots (8x and 4x), delivering real-time analysis infrastructure that simultaneously supports network, storage and flash storage.

This apart, the new server includes additional consolidation benefits (when compared to legacy two-way servers), such as: using nearly 78 percent less rack space; enabling nine-to-one conversion rate under standard test conditions, and delivering 124 percent more performance per watt.

NEC A2000 series is engineered to offer advanced RAS features, such as redundant service processors or increased number of enhanced I/O slots, which Edgenet needs to provide continuous operation and performance.

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