Mushroom Networks launches Truffle Server ensuing connectivity for cloud applications

Infotech Lead America: Mushroom Networks has launched its Truffle Server.

When peered with the branch office Truffles, the new server creates a virtual leased line that can utilize the faster and more reliable bonded IP tunnel for cloud applications.

Truffle Server, according to Mushroom Networks, is the first cost-effective bonding solution that allows seamless headquarter-to-branch connectivity for cloud applications. Application continuity is enabled through Broadband Bonding that in real-time shields the applications from ISP outages to prevent any interruption in the on-going service.

Other Truffle devices located at branch offices can connect to the Truffle Server via a bonded IP tunnel that can consist of several DSL, cable, fiber, wireless, or satellite Ethernet-based connections from any ISP. Any IP traffic can be transmitted through this bonded tunnel, including file transfers, network storage, and IP-based real-time applications such as VoIP.

The high bandwidth speeds found on this Truffle connection are bi-directional. Enterprises can mix and match services from several providers, which delivers built-in redundancies where traffic is dynamically placed across remaining links if one fails or degrades.

“With our Truffle Server, companies have an ideal delivery method to share intensive cloud applications between the HQ and the branches. Branches can now access various applications within the private cloud, including VoIP,” said Cahit Akin, co-founder and CEO of Mushroom Networks.

“The unstoppable trend is for more and more businesses to look to the cloud for application deployment, which will continue to place stress on WAN resources. Truffle Server allows the enterprise to address this growing problem and eliminate latency or connection issues to ensure branch staff members can work efficiently,” Akin added.

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