Ministry launches job portal for skilled workers

The ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises on Monday launched an online portal for job opportunities for skilled workers in the sector and also to help the industry find such manpower.

“The ministry has developed this portal where job seekers can find employers and vice-versa, in line with the prime minister’s vision of Digital India, Skill India and Make in India,” MSME Minister Kalraj Mishra said here at the portal’s launch.

The portal,, would help the industry cut on time and cost in search for skilled manpower. Two persons have so far registered on the website.

“Large units dependent on MSMEs as suppliers need high-quality output, which in the absence of skilled manpower results in non-competitiveness of MSMEs and Indian industry as a whole,” the minister said.

“The typical way of finding factory workers is to put up poster/board next to the unit and hope some unemployed skilled person would see it. While this may have worked in the past, it is no longer an efficient way in this digital age,” Mishra added.

Amarendra Sinha, special secretary MSME, said the ministry was thinking of extending this facility to the services sector as well.

“It is a game-changer. It took over a year to prepare this portal. Currently, this is only for the manufacturing sector. Job seekers will not have to pay any fees,” Sinha said.


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