Micron Technology Unveils 16Gb DDR5 Memory, Advancing Performance for Data Centers and PCs

Micron Technology, a leading semiconductor company, made a significant announcement today, revealing the extension of its groundbreaking 1β (1-beta) process node technology with the introduction of 16Gb DDR5 memory.
Micron TechnologyThis technological advancement showcases demonstrated in-system functionality at speeds of up to 7,200 MT/s. Micron’s 1β DDR5 DRAM is now in the shipping phase, targeting data center and PC customers.

The new 1β-based DDR5 memory from Micron integrates advanced high-k CMOS device technology, 4-phase clocking, and clock-sync 1, providing an impressive 50 percent performance uplift and a 33 percent improvement in performance per watt over the previous generation.

As the demands of data center workloads drive CPU core counts higher, there is an escalating need for increased memory bandwidth and capacities to tackle the ‘memory wall’ challenge while optimizing total cost of ownership for customers. Micron’s 1β DDR5 DRAM addresses this need, allowing computational capabilities to scale with higher performance for applications like artificial intelligence (AI) training and inference, generative AI, data analytics, and in-memory databases (IMDB) across data center and client platforms.

The new 1β DDR5 DRAM product line offers module densities ranging from 4,800 MT/s up to 7,200 MT/s, catering to data center and client applications.

Brian Callaway, Corporate Vice President of Micron’s Core Compute Design Engineering Group, emphasized the importance of this development, stating, “The high-volume manufacturing and availability of 1β DDR5 DRAM for client and data center platforms signals an important milestone in the industry. Our collaboration with our ecosystem partners and customers will drive faster adoption of these higher-performance memory offerings.”

Micron’s 1β technology enables a diverse portfolio of memory-based solutions, including DDR5 RDIMMs and MCRDIMMs using 16Gb, 24Gb, and 32Gb DRAM die, LPDDR5X using 16Gb and 24Gb DRAM die, HBM3E, and GDDR7. The 16Gb DDR5 memory offerings will be available through direct sales and channel partners.

Industry leaders expressed excitement about this development:

Y.C. Chen, Associate Vice President of ASUS, commented on ASUS’s excitement to utilize Micron’s 1β DDR5 in their high-performance notebooks, emphasizing the superior user experience they aim to provide.

Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer at Ampere Computing, highlighted the synergy between Ampere’s Cloud Native Processors and Micron’s 1β DDR5, delivering top-tier compute solutions vital for AI, machine learning, and high-performance computing applications.

Boyd Phelps, Vice President and General Manager of the Cadence IP Group, praised the partnership with Micron, underscoring the collaborative effort to power next-generation platforms optimized for targeted applications utilizing Micron’s advanced 1β DDR5 memory.

This announcement marks a significant stride in memory technology, propelling the industry forward in its quest for higher performance and efficiency in data processing and computing.

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