Kingston retains lead in DRAM module supplier: TrendForce

Kingston Technology has been ranked top third-party DRAM module supplier in the world, according to the latest rankings by revenue from analyst firm TrendForce.
Kingston in top 10 DRAM module suppliers rankingsKingston has retained its # 1 position with 78.7 percent market share on $14.2 billion revenue. Kingston has increased DRAM module revenue by 8 percent marking the 19th consecutive year that Kingston has held the top spot.

The other leading DRAM suppliers include ADATA (with 3.5 percent share), Corsair (3 percent), SMART Modular (2.5 percent), Powev (2.4 percent), Kimtigo (2.4 percent), Ramaxel (1.9 percent), Team Group (0.9 percent), Innodisk (0.9 percent) and Apacer (0.8 percent) in 2021.

Kingston is one of the leading buyers of DRAM chips in the world. Kingston provides a highly customized production model which has led to continuous growth in shipment scale and drove increased revenue by 8 percent.

Kingston added AMD EXPO certified DDR5 modules to the high performance Kingston FURY Beast line of memory. Kingston enhanced its production infrastructure to support forthcoming platforms. Kingston began shipping DDR5 modules last year and became the first third-party supplier to receive Intel Platform Validation on its DDR5 UDIMMS.

“As we celebrate our 35-year anniversary, it reinforces our company’s strength, position and importance in the industry as we maintain the top spot for the 19th consecutive year. Kingston Is With You and we stand ready to support high volume demands,” said Craig Tilmont, senior director of marketing, Kingston.

Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) is a semiconductor memory that is used for the data or program code needed by a computer processor to function. DRAM is a common type of random access memory (RAM) that is used in personal computers (PCs), workstations and servers.

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