Infor offers Advanced Planning 11

Infor has launched a configurable constraint-based supply chain planning solution, Infor Advanced Planning 11, to optimize supply chains.

The new solution enables faster and accurate decision-making and is adaptable to the unique business requirements of the customer’s supply chain.

The company said it has also made investments n scale and performance to help users identify and solve problems before they slow or halt the fluidity of the supply chain.

Also, Infor and customers have indicated that the new solutions are more than 30 percent faster across the board.

Company officials said Advanced Planning is designed to help secure the lowest total supply chain costs while meeting organizational objectives and customer demands.

The optimized plan offered by Infor Advanced Planning considers cost and constraints across the entire supply chain, through sourcing, inventory, manufacturing, labor and warehousing, distribution and transportation.

Additionally, Supply Chain Optimization model provides built-in flexibility, enable users to deploy the model in various situations and reduces implementation times and lower the total cost of ownership.


This apart, CPLEX 12.6, a new version of the optimization engine is used to boost the performance and scale of the application.

According to the Infor, Advanced Planning 11 boasts new conditional formatting that emphasizes important values and removes the noise for the planners, resulting in improved, more informed decisions.

“Advanced Planning 11 allows organizations to tackle bigger problems with more efficiency and confidence, resulting in bigger and faster decision making,” said John Bermudez, vice president, Product Management, Infor.

Last month, Infor and Ephesoft partnered to enhance Infor Document Management to help customers work more efficiently by automatically connecting documents to core business processes within Infor enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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