IBM solution enhances cloud security during BYOD

Global software vendor IBM said its new patented solution assists enterprises to enhance cloud security during BYOD implementation.

The new solution supports secure transactions by preventing mobile devices from accessing software code that has been maliciously or inadvertently modified after it was encrypted.

IBM says its invention assists enterprises to increase confidence associated with implementing bring your own device (BYOD) policies while averting nefarious code before it has a chance to cause any problems.

Andrew Cornwall, inventor and mobile software developer, IBM, said that IBM’s invention provides security controls that restrict and prevent access to apps unless their original, previously encrypted code remains unchanged and uncompromised.

IBM Cloud security

For example, if an app is modified after it has been encrypted — without being properly decrypted and re-encrypted — IBM’s patented security mechanism will recognize that the code was altered and prevent it from running. This approach is differentiated by detecting if an app has been modified before being executed, versus after, and provides businesses with additional control over which apps can be accessed.

A recent IBM Institute for Business Value survey says mobile leaders are making investments in BYOD strategies. 79 percent reports that their organizations have well-documented policies in place for employees using mobile devices versus 48 percent of non-leaders.

IBM’s secure virtual machine (VM) launcher invention, a computer application used to create a virtual environment that mirrors physical operation systems, can address the complexity of deploying and improving the security of business-critical cloud-based apps.

Enterprises will benefit as IBM’s invention can be applied to encrypted files that are sent from the cloud or a corporate server to a VM. The objective is to prevent embedded devices from executing code that has been altered — either maliciously or inadvertently.

With billions of embedded VM devices currently in use — from an estimated three billion mobile phones to 125 million smart televisions — and millions of additional applications projected in the future, IBM’s secure VM launcher patent has the potential to deliver improved security to a wide range of devices and applications.

IBM inventors around the globe are focused on researching and developing new technologies and techniques that will pave the way to leadership for IBM and its clients. Along with the IBM MobileFirst portfolio of solutions, this patented invention can help ensure that users have access to the apps they need without risk to the corporate network.

IBM invests more than $6 billion annually in R&D and has topped the list of U.S. patent recipients for 20 consecutive years.

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