IBM in Smart City deal to assist Barcelona to manage beaches and parks

IBM today announced its Smart City deal with the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) to supply its technology to effectively manage beaches and parks.

Announced at the Smart City Expo World Congress, the deal will enable the Barcelona Metropolitan Area to use analytics tools on its beaches and parks to manage large datasets from multiple sources, as well as cloud computing to help make better decisions.

AMB will utilize IBM Intelligent Operations software to give access to staff to real-time information to manage most all aspects of parks operations. IBM said the software can aggregate data on all public play areas for children, all maintenance of landscaping and trees; or provide a view into all available activities for older people.

IBM Smart City deal with Barcelona for beach

In the future, the cities of the AMB will be able to expand the use of the IBM Intelligent Operations Center via the cloud to other areas.

“Through our deep expertise with thousands of Smarter Cities client engagements, IBM  is helping cities around the world transform how they deliver services and engage with citizens through the use of  Big Data, analytics, cloud computing and new mobile and social computing technologies,” said Sylvie Spalmacin-Roma, vice president, IBM Smarter Cities Europe.

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