IBM assists security firm ShieldSquare to expand business

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IBM is assisting cyber-security firm ShieldSquare to expand its business presence and improve customer experience.

Bangalore, India-based ShieldSquare is expanding its reach across the globe to meet the customer requirements in e-commerce and mobile verticals.

Bots are becoming a nightmare for online business and they are estimated to represent around 61.5 percent of total internet traffic.

Competitors and fraudsters engage in automated attacks using bots to steal the content, price information, engage in form spamming and other forms of bot abuse. To address this issue, ShieldSquare helps online businesses differentiate between human and non-human traffic (bots) on websites and mobile applications.

According to a write-up published in, there are not much startups working in the space of bot prevention. One major competitor for ShieldSquare is Distil Networks, which monitors and filters traffic at the network level using DNS based routing.

On the other hand, ShieldSquare works without the need for DNS redirection.  It uses an API-based approach to protect website from bots, ensuring data privacy and seamless integration with the existing infrastructure.

The company promises that its real-time protection will guard online businesses from web scraping, form spam and various kinds of bot abuses.

According to ShieldSquare, its cloud engine processes billions of Page Views on a monthly basis to unearth malicious bot traffic originating across the globe.

Trusted by leading companies like Axel Springer Group, Purch across 68 countries, ShieldSquare was encouraged by IBM-GEP program, which provides qualified start-ups with go-to-market support, business mentorship, services, discounts, technical guidance and networking opportunities needed to quickly bring your solution to market.

ShieldSquare benefits from IBM

ShieldSquare says that programs like IBM-GEP are much needed for early stage companies to equip them with needed business and technology resources.

“We are very happy with the association with IBM-GEP from our early days. They have been helping us on multiple fronts on cloud technologies and business connections.”

Sharing their view on IBM Cloud, ShieldSquare official said bare-metal servers in IBM softLayer are helpful for improving performance as we see 40 percent reduction in response time to our customers.

SoftLayer helps desk provides assistance via e-mail, tickets, and phone calls, and it guarantees a 20-minute response time.

“Tech support helped us in taking decisions in quick time and helping us to have good relations with our customers. SoftLayer is stable and reliable. Management console is very informative and helps us in tracking the details well.”

ShieldSquare team includes CEO Pavan Kumar Thatha, CTO Rakesh Kumar Thatha, COO Vasanth Kumar, VP-Technology Srikanth Konijeti and VP-Engineering Jyoti Kakatkar.

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