IBM adds 25 services to its Cloud


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IBM expanded its Cloud Data Services portfolio with more than 25 services now available on the IBM Cloud.

The IT major said the expansions are intended to help developers build, deploy and manage web and mobile applications and enable data scientists to discover hidden trends using data and analytics in the cloud.

The new cloud data services announced today are;

  • IBM Compose Enterprise: A managed platform designed to help development teams build modern web-scale apps faster
  • IBM Graph: The first fully managed graph database service built on Apache TinkerPop
  • IBM Predictive Analytics: A service that allows developers to easily self-build machine learning models from a broad library into applications
  • Analytics Exchange: An open data exchange that includes a catalog of more than 150 publicly available datasets

“In the past, data handlers have relied on disparate systems for data needs, but our goal is to move data into the future by providing a one-stop shop to access, build, develop and explore data,” said Derek Schoettle, General Manager, Analytics Platform and Cloud Data Services.

“IBM’s integrated Cloud Data Services give developers greater scalability and flexibility to build, deploy and manage web and mobile cloud applications, and enable data scientists to apply information across businesses efficiently.”

Provided as a service, IBM Graph helps remove the complexities traditionally associated with moving data from existing databases to graph architectures.

The company has redesigned more than 25 of the company’s core analytics and commerce solutions with Apache Spark.

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